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 Hello, long time no writing anything or so. Last time was in... January.... //considers going hiding in a Corner of Shame or maybe I oughta wear a Cone of Shame//
I'm surprised that I still have a paid account, but I guess it's a year-long one I got, and I got it around... new years?
So well... my internet is as fucked-up as ever - even more than normal lately - aaand I guess my mind has been drifting off of stuff that's not my wishes to slam some hard, blunt object into my dad's skull.
I'm looking around for recording equipment atm, so I can sing in covers as well, but there' something stopping my computer from using common pages like Google. >_> I probably have to reset my computer. Again.
And then I'm looking/listening to VOCALOID songs. I need something new in my playlist and I want more VOCALOID in it. =)
(And I'm at pixiv loking at VOCALOID pictures, so have one adorable)

Summer is reaching its end and it rains almost every day at least a little (short but heavy showers, more than anything else) and it keeps me awake at night because it rarely rained during the summer.
Anyway, I'll try to get my hands on recording equipment this or next month or so (depending on what it costs, I don't have too much atm so.) and then we'll see how much my idiotic self handles installing the electronics and stuff (because I suck at stuff like that yup).
I'll do my best to keep (at least a little) active(r) but we can't hope too much... Hopefully, I'll be able to get onto dw at least once a week or something....
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Why do my internet hate me otl

Or more like DW don't want to tell me I have messages. My email does, but I don't have access to it as often as i do my DW-inbox. So I didn't know until I checked my email just now that I actually had masseges to reply. I hope I'll be able to fix that idkorz //dies in a puddle

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Apologies to posting so soon after I just did. But I found this thing via [personal profile] fascinates, and tried it out. Reading it is quite... amusing?
Some of the things are less accurate, but there are a lot that sound so like me, it's sort of awesome. Hmm~
Are there any more of these memes anywhere? //I'll go look around~~

Tell me what you geeet~? Dobutsu Uranai is here!

The ...element... what's it called in English anyway? I can't find a translation, off me. Hurrr~ An'way, it's warm and cozy but it burns my baaack. Not hurrr at that. //huffs

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ヽ@(^ェ^*)@ノ☆.。.:*・゜☆HAPPY NEW YEAR☆゜・*:.。.☆ヽ@(*^ェ^)@ノ

In four hours, it's the new years! Newspapers today write things about 'next year is the year your dreams will come true', but we'll see! Of course, I hope I'll both be able to move out of my parents house to study, and that I'll be able to start record songs to put up.

Gott nytt år from Sweden, people~! Let's all have a good 2012!!

[賽銭箱] ◎⌒ヾ( ̄0 ̄ ) ドォカヒトツ 人(_ _ )


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